After Marvel's Comic-Con presentation, which included a new trailer for Doctor Strange, director Scott Derrickson teased that this highly-anticipated superhero movie will introduce fans to the Marvel Multiverse, much like the original comic books did in the 1960s. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige revealed during a set visit interview that there is much more to the multiverse, teasing that it's possible the Ultimate Universe could be shown in the MCU as well. Here's what he had to say below.

"When comic book fans hear parallel dimensions or multiple dimensions, they think of Earth 616 and Earth 617 or Earth 618. That's all possible, but what we're playing with in this world is that there are dimensions. That the other dimensions are not just parallel realities."

The Ultimate Universe, a.k.a. Earth-1610, was introduced in 2000 with the launch of Ultimate Spider-Man, followed by Ultimate X-Men in 2001, The Ultimates in 2002, and Ultimate Fantastic Four in 2004, with modern-day reboots of each character's origin story. The characters in this universe would not interact with their counterparts in the other universes. The Ultimate Universe came to an end with the conclusion of the Secret Wars series in 2015, with select characters like Miles Morales entering the mainstream universe as part of Marvel's All-New All Different reboot. Kevin Feige teased that while this Ultimate Universe could be shown on the big screen, it may not happen anytime soon, while name-dropping a big Doctor Strange villain. Here's what he had to say in his interview with

"Although some of them are [parallel realities]... there are the dark dimension, where Dormammu inhabits. There are dimensions that are so mind-bending that you can barely perceive them. There are dimensions that ... That's where a lot of the Ditko images come from. They're dimensions that are just mind trips, that the human mind can barely fathom, which is why it's hard to turn them into something to show an audience in November. We're playing as much with the multiverse as alien dimensions for lack of a better term, than as parallel realities where there's a Strange that wears Iron Man armor! We're not there yet."

There have been rumors of Dormammu's appearance in Doctor Strange for quite some time, dating back to early set photos that showed what appeared to be the Eye of Agamotto. In the comics, Doctor Strange uses this mystical device to defeat Dormammu, but the villain's involvement in this story was never confirmed. This summer, we learned that Community creator Dan Harmon came aboard to work on the script during reshoots. Fans then noticed that, during Dan Harmon's Comic-Con panel for Rick and Morty, he opened up a document on his computer, teasing the return of his hit show Community, where a number of Doctor Strange documents were shown, including one titled "Strange Confronts Dormammu." Marvel hasn't confirmed the presence of this villain yet, but we'll find out when Doctor Strange hits theaters on November 4.