The Marvel Cinematic Universe is no longer a strange experiment in the world of filmmaking. It is now a very well oiled machine that has produced 13 blockbuster films that have grossed a combined total of more than $10 billion worldwide. And in a lot of ways as the MCU enters phase 3, it is really just getting started. With lots of new characters being introduced over the coming years and lots of corners of the Marvel Universe barely even touched on, if even explored at all, Kevin Feige and Co. have a lot coming our way over the next handful of years. Now that Captain America: Civil War is out to the delight of both critics and fans, it is time to focus on bringing the next brand new hero into the MCU, and that hero is Doctor Strange.

Not even two years ago, many people had concerns about Marvel being able to branch out from their main core of Avengers, like Captain America, Iron Man and Thor, that had gotten them through Phase 1 and most of Phase 2 leading up to Avengers: Age of Ultron. But all of that changed when Guardians of the Galaxy came out and managed to make a talking raccoon and a walking tree that only says three words a box office smash. Not only that, but last year the studio somehow made Ant-Man work, even with a bit of troubled production and a very strange type of hero at its core. Paul Rudd recently proved he could make the character work very well with the rest of the team in Civil War as well, so at this point, almost anything is fair game for the studio, and that makes the timing for ripe for Doctor Strange. Not only will Strange be a new kind of hero in the MCU, but he will be bringing with him an entirely unexplored area of the larger Marvel Universe, and that is Magic. Sure, the Thor films and the Infinity Stones have sort of flirted with the idea that magic exists in the universe, but Doctor Strange is known as The Sorcerer Supreme so make no mistake, things are about to get very magical, and very strange, if you will. So what do we really know about the upcoming Marvel Studios brand new franchise? More than you might think.

Stephen Strange

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<strong><em>Doctor Strange</em></strong>

Much like Guardians of the Galaxy, but perhaps to a lesser degree, even many hardcore comic books fans don't really have an encyclopedic knowledge of the character Doctor Strange. He is, however, a huge fixture of the Marvel Universe and not to mention, an incredibly powerful one at that. The man behind the moniker of The Sorcerer Supreme is a former neurosurgeon named Stephen Strange, who is of course being played by Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch in Doctor Strange.And as Feige has pointed out over the years leading up to Strange's inclusion in the MCU, the character has one of the most rich and interesting backstories in all of Marvel history, and Doctor Strange is going to explore that origin.

Stephen Strange was at one point the world's greatest neurosurgeon and at the same time, not exactly a wonderful person. However, one night Strange gets into a terrible car accident and essentially renders his hands useless for his profession and spends his fortune attempting to find a way to fix himself, which eventually leads him to Tibet, where he discovers the ways of the mystic arts. Anyone who has watched the trailer can see the evidence of this origin being handled seemingly very faithfully, as the first shot in the trailer features an overturned car with Cumberbatch in the drivers seat. The rest of the trailer shows Cumberbatch wandering the globe in search of answers, and we even get a nice look at his shaking hands, indicating that he is clearly a mess after his accident. Once he is shown the way of the mystic arts though, it is a very different story, and one that will take us into other dimensions and show us villains that are unlike anything we have seen in the MCU to date. To put it simply, Doctor Strange is a very fitting name for the character and the world that he inhabits.

Baron Mordo

Baron Mordo

Every hero needs a villain, and Baron Mordo is that villain for Stephen Strange, at least in the comic book world. This is, however, the film version of Doctor Strange that we are dealing with, so things may be a little bit different, at least at first. Mordo is being played in the film by 12 Years A Slave actor Chiwetel Ejiofor. Mordo is a very powerful user of the mystic arts and magic and in the early days of Strange learning his powers, Mordo is a great ally to him. However, Mordo was training to eventually to up the mantle of The Sorcerer Supreme and when Strange gets to take it up instead, the two become mortal enemies. However, in the footage from the movie that we have seen, Mordo and Strange will be working together in Doctor Strange, as evidenced by that very fun gif of Ejiofor and Cumberbatch jumping alongside one another in costume in New York during filming. We don't know exactly how much the character has been changed for this film specifically, but it could be a bit of a departure from what we have seen in the comics. Granted, even if Mordo isn't a villain in this film, which he likely won't be, he could make for a villain in later installments of the franchise, which would be good for the MCU as one of the major complaints with Marvel films thus far has been the one and done villains, with the exception of Loki.

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