With any convention like Comic-Con, there are always certain aspects of panel presentations that are left out of the official announcements. Disney's D23 Expo is no different, with the studio announcing a number of movies they were set to present at their Worlds, Galaxies, and Universes: Live Action at The Walt Disney Studios panel, such as Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass, The Jungle Book, Captain America: Civil War, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. As it turns out, fans were in for a bit of a surprise, when producer and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige took to the stage to present Doctor Strange. Here's what the producer had to say about this highly-anticipated project.

"Today, 2015, I stand here, and we have now completed Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and I want to say think you. So the question is what am I going to talk about today. It seems to make sense ... to talk about the beginnings of Phase 3. The first one I'm going to talk about today is Doctor Strange. The goal is to continue expanding what a comic book movie is, what the Marvel Cinematic Universe is. The comics traverse these dimensions, and film by film, we try to do that in a cinematic way."
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Unfortunately, the producer didn't have any actual footage, since principal photography on Doctor Strange doesn't begin until November. He did, however, bring a video greeting from star Benedict Cumberbatch, who will portray the title character. Here's what the actor had to say during his video introduction.

"He's an extraordinary character, brings in a whole other dimension-hmm, multiple dimensions-to the Marvel universe. (It will be a) mind-blowing experience... Girls, cars, explosions, astral projection into multiple realms. The usual."

Kevin Feige also brought along a trailer that is made up of concept art images from this superhero movie. The concept art trailer hasn't been officially released by Marvel yet, and we don't know if they have plans to do so anytime in the near future, but we do have a description of the footage from Entertainment Weekly. Here's what they had to say below.

"Images in the concept art reel reveal the classic origin story: a wounded surgeon seeking alternate ways to heal his destroyed hands finds his way to a mystical Eastern sanctuary that leads him to an order that holds the keys to another dimension."

The concept art trailer also featured a few different costumes for the title character, with the footage also featuring city buildings turning over, similar to the iconic scene in Inception. The producer concluded the brief Doctor Strange portion of his presentation by stating that the movie will be as satisfying and as weird as any movie they have ever made. The supporting cast includes Tilda Swinton as The Ancient One and Chiwetel Ejiofor as Baron Mordo, but unfortunately, no further cast members were confirmed at the panel. Are you more excited for Doctor Strange after today's panel? Stay tuned for more updates on Doctor Strange, arriving in theaters October 26, 2016.