Many of us are still reeling from the excitement that was generated by Captain America: Civil War. It was an excellent kickoff to Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it may already be time to start looking ahead to the future. Doctor Strange is coming out in just a few short months, and the Marvel hype machine is about to start moving full-steam ahead on getting the word out about their latest here. Part of that is a prequel comic book series that will help to set up the movie, and the first issue was just released, and it packed a lot more surprises and clues than many of us expected.

The Doctor Strange prequel comic revealed a lot in terms of some of the supporting character backstories, vibe, and even the confirmation that Mads Mikkelsen is indeed playing the villain Kaecilius. But one of the most surprising discoveries and possible teases for the future of the MCU came in the form of a couple of unexpected characters who showed up in the first issue. pointed out that in a particular image from the book, a couple of characters by the names of Daniel Drumm and Tina Minoru. It just so happens that they are both masters of the mystic arts as well.

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One would really have to know their Marvel Comics history inside and out to recognize these characters outright, but it is kind of a potentially big deal. In the case of Daniel Drumm, he is the brother of another well known Marvel magic user by the name of Brother Voodoo aka Jericho Drumm. Those of you who know your Doctor Strange history know that Brother Voodoo too over for Stephen Strange as the Sorcerer Supreme at one point, so that is reasonably significant. That could mean that Kevin Feige and Co. are planning on introducing the character in Phase 4 and doubling down on the mysticism. Or maybe we're reading into things a little too much. But knowing Marvel, probably not.

In the case of Tina Minoru, she could be the first step in Marvel finally getting something done that they have been trying to do since Phase 1. In the Marvel Comics universe, Tina Minoru is the mother of Niko Minoru. That name may very well sound familiar, as she is one of the core members of The Runaways, which was created by Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona. There have been rumors that Marvel Studios have been looking for a home for The Runaways for a very long time, and this could finally be a link that says maybe they are building to it in Phase 4, or maybe they are doing a series on Netflix. Either way, it definitely ties to the property and could be a big hint for the future.

This is just the first issue of the Doctor Strange prequel comic, but it has already taught us an awful lot. Another issue is set to drop next month, and it is a safe bet we will get some more teases and a better idea of what to expect from Scott Derrickson's Doctor Strange. The movie will be introducing an entirely new side of the Marvel universe and the movie side of things, and Marvel seems to be betting big on that for the future, given the potential teases and the big time cast and talent they have on board for the movie. Doctor Strange is set for release on November 4.