Get your Eye of Agamoto ready and put on your Cloak of Levitation, because Marvel has dropped a brand new TV trailer for Doctor Strange! Disney seems to be capitalizing on the fact that they eyes of the world are all focused on the Olympics in Rio right now. That being the case, they studio has taken the opportunity to release a 1-minute long TV spot for Doctor Strange, which is hitting theaters in a few short months.

The TV spot first aired during the Olympics broadcast on Tuesday morning, and has since made its way onto Twitter and YouTube. Unfortunately, there isn't any new footage to speak of in the new Doctor Strange spot, but it is a really action packed minute and gives a great sense of what the movie is going to be. This comes only a few days after Cinemark released a 30-second TV spot for Doctor Strange, which was also well done, but this one has a bit more room to breath, which works in its favor.

Disney currently has a lot of upcoming movies that they need to start promoting, and they have been using the Olympics to do so. They recently debuted a new trailer for the upcoming animated feature Moana, and they are going to be airing a new trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story on Thursday. Marvel Studios tends to market their movies like crazy, and a movie like Doctor Strange may need some help to get the general public on board, given that this is a pretty different type of superhero movie. This TV spot will definitely help.

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Doctor Strange features a very impressive cast, which is being headlined by Benedict Cumberbatch, who is playing the title role. The supporting cast includes Tilda Swinton, Chiwetel Ejiofor,Rachel McAdams, Michael Stuhlbarg, Amy Landecker, Scott Adkins and Mads Mikkelsen. Marvel has yet to reveal the identities of all of the characters, but we do know that Mads Mikkelsen is playing the villain Kaecilius, whom we see showing off his powers in this sneak peek, and that Rachel McAdams is playing the character of Night Nurse. Tilda Swinton is playing the Ancient One, and Chiwetel Ejiofor is portraying Baron Mordo, with Michael Stuhlbarg playing Nicodemus West.

Marvel Studios has been making superhero movies for nearly a decade now, and Kevin Feige definitely seems to know what he is doing. But Doctor Strange is going to be introducing an entirely different side of the Marvel Universe to people, and this trailer helps show just how crazy the mystic arts are going to make things in the MCU. The movie is being helmed by Sinister director Scott Derrickson and is set for release on November 4. Be sure to check out the new TV spot for Doctor Strange for yourself below.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott