Super Size Me: According to The Hollywood Reporter, the documentary Super Size Me will get supersized distribution when it hits home video Sept. 26. Hart-Sharp Video is partnering with Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment to get the film, about a man whose health suffers after he eats nothing but McDonald's fast food for a month, into Wal-Mart and other direct retail accounts. Hart-Sharp president Joe Amodei noted that his own sales force will sell the film to traditional distribution and other existing accounts.

"The Sony machine can take this film to the next level of distribution and get the film into consumer hands in a quicker fashion," Amodei said.

The DVD of Super Size Me, priced at $26.99, will include a wealth of bonus material, Amodei said, including deleted scenes, a commentary from director Morgan Spurlock, interviews with doctors about obesity and an interview with Eric Schlosser, the author of "Fast Food Nation."