Batman Vs. Superman: Last week when the announcement officially came down that Wolfgang Peterson would be helming the upcoming superhero film he was quoted as saying that the title roles would be cast in the next couple of weeks. Well it seems that the speculation has truly begun and this weeks front runner is Reign of Fire's Christian Bale. According to this article at Film Force Bale's agent was quoted as saying "As with any actor, any role involves negotiation so I cannot confirm or deny rumors at this time. If and when Christian lands a role, I announce it on the news section of his web site." Stay tuned to Light Out for more news as it develops.

30 Days of Night: Sam Raimi (Evil Dead, Spiderman) has chosen to return to the world of comics for source material for his next project. Today's Variety notes that Raimi will helm and adaptation of Steve Niles's vampire comic trilogy 30 Days of Night Thanks once again to Film Force for the heads up.

Terminator 3: Nick Stahl (Disturbing Behavior) has given MTV a little interview about his work on the latest Terminator flick. Although he doesn't go into much detail about playing an older John Conner he does spill the beans on some other aspects of the film. For instance, when asked whether the female terminator was made out of molten metal he answered, "Yeah, she is, And she's got ... It's new and improved. But I don't think I could ... They won't let me say any more. It's very top secret stuff." Very cool! Thanks to Coming for the heads up.

Eight Legged Freaks: Dean Devlin, the producer behind the upcoming spider flick has sat down for a lengthy interview over at Film Force. Its very interesting and well worth the read for any movie fan.

Havana Nights: Yes boys and girls it appears more likely every day that those pesky rumors about a sequel to Dirty Dancing are in fact true. Film Jerk has posted a list of character description for the film. I'm sure there will be more details to come.

Freddy Vs. Jason: According to Dark Horizons it has been reported that Freddy Vs. Jason is still the current title. Also, it seems someone may have offered Jason Bateman a role in the long anticipated horror film

More news when I get it...~Bobby