It seems that HD is inevitable.

In a story from The Hollywood Reporter, at the recent International Broadcasting Convention "Jim Bottoms, co-founder of media research firm Understanding & Solutions, told his audience that consumer confusion and the format war were the biggest obstacles in industry adoption of an HD format."

He told the audience that consumers need to be better educated so that they could understand the "new home entertainment formats and services."

Bottoms pointed out that he thinks "the industry is leaning toward Blu-Ray and that before Paramount's recent decision to support HD-DVD, he was predicting that consumer confusion on this topic would likely resolve itself in Q4 of this year."

Obviously that isn't going to happen now.

However the most interesting question might be if HD content is even needed? After all, the majority of DVD users appear quite content with Standard DVDs. According to Bottoms, "The world is going HD," and that HD content, such as packaged media, is very much a part of that overall equation.