While Warner Bros. is gearing up to start production on Batman Vs. Superman next year in Michigan, the studio is also working on their long-awaited Justice League movie. A new, unconfirmed report reveals that Warner Bros. is eyeing a "United Nations" approach to casting these superheroes, with each role representing a different region of the world.

Superman (Henry Cavill) represents the Earth as a whole, since he is an "immigrant" of Earth and speaks for everyone. Batman (Ben Affleck) would represent America, with Warner Bros. seeking a Hispanic or Latino actor to play The Flash. While the announcement that Gal Gadot is playing Wonder Woman in Batman Vs. Superman (and presumably in Justice League) took many by surprise, it does fall in line with this alleged plan, since she is of Israeli descent.

Speaking of Batman Vs. Superman, Warner Bros. is now focusing its casting efforts on finding the right actor to play Lex Luthor. In another surprising move, this report reveals that they are seeking African-American actors for the villainous role. Denzel Washington was reportedly their first choice, but talks never materialized. Idris Elba was also on their list, but his involvement in Marvel's Thor franchise would likely make his casting in a DC movie next to impossible. However, it isn't absolutely set in stone that Lex Luthor has to be African-American.

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The source also mentioned an actor who has been "re-occurring" on Arrow this season, which is likely David Ramsey. What's interesting about that possibility is it comes after our report from last month, where Arrow executive producer Greg Berlanti shot down rumors that his CW Network series would be tied to the DC cinematic universe, after Stephen Amell dropped a hint that he wants to be a part of Justice League. Could David Ramsey exist in both universes?

In related news, Callan Mulvey is reportedly in the mix to play an unidentified villain in Batman Vs. Superman, which is rumored to be Metallo.