While audiences love of vampires never seems to fizzle out, the same cannot be said about their canine-like brethren, the werewolf. Really, the only truly classic werewolf movie made in modern times is director Neil Marshall's Dog Soldiers, which follows a small group of British soldiers coming face-to-face with the legendary beasts in the Scottish Highlands. Well, despite the movie being nearly twenty years old, Marshall believes that a sequel is now more likely than ever.

"There's more of a chance now than ever before. There's things in the works and we're seeing what we can do. Certainly, myself and Kevin McKidd and [Dog Soldiers producer] Chris Figg are up for it to revisit this world. Over the past 18 years the question I get asked pretty much more than anything else is when are we going to get Dog Soldiers 2?' Part of me thinks I'd like to go back and re-visit that world somehow. And if Kev's up for it, then that would make it worthwhile for sure. So we'll see. You never know."
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While Neil Marshall remains cagey about the project, McKidd is a little more open about the prospect, even confirming that discussions about Dog Soldiers 2 are currently taking place. However, before you pull your werewolf costume out of retirement, the actor is quick to clarify that "it's just verbal between him and me at the moment."

Kevin McKidd even has his own ideas regarding the direction of a sequel saying, "I think it could be fun again to revisit that character, 18 years on. We keep throwing around ideas of Cooper and the mental institution and he's been locked up because he spent 18 year screaming and shouting that there're werewolves in the woods, and sure enough they come back one day, and the marshals come and knock on his cell door and say, 'We need your help.'"

Thanks to the likes of 2018's Halloween, the recently released The Craft: Legacy, and the upcoming Candyman, revisiting older horror classics is big business right now, which is something that is sure to assist Marshall and McKidd's desire to return to the werewolf-ridden world of Dog Soldiers for a long-awaited sequel.

Released in 2002, the first Dog Soldiers was directed and edited by Neil Marshall in his directorial debut, and stars Sean Pertwee, Kevin McKidd, Emma Cleasby and Liam Cunningham. The movie follows a small squad of British soldiers during a routine nighttime training mission in the Scottish Highlands. While on their way to rendezvous with a special ops unit, the group instead find a bloody massacre with a sole survivor. The savage attackers of the special ops team return, and the men are rescued by a zoologist who identifies what hunts them as werewolves. Without transport or communications, the group is forced to retreat to a farmhouse to wait for the full moon to disappear at dawn.

The initial plan was for Dog Soldiers to spawn a trilogy, and while the movie was well-received by both critics and audiences alike, this sadly never materialised. Here's hoping that werewolves receive the revival they deserve with Dog Soldiers 2. This comes to us courtesy of Denofgeek.