Key & Peele star Keegan Michael Key has joined the cast of Dolemite Is My Name!, starring Eddie Murphy. This comedy movie will be a true story about the famous 1970s comedian Rudy Ray Moore, otherwise known as Dolemite.

News about Dolemite Is My Name! started to kick off last month, with the initial announcement that the movie would star Eddie Murphy as Rudy Ray Moore himself. This was huge news, considering that Eddie Murphy has not been in a movie since 2016. His on screen appearances are scarce, so Dolemite Is My Name! will not be a movie that Eddie Murphy fans will want to miss.

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The announcement that Keegan-Michael Key is joining the cast is exciting news. Also among the cast of Dolemite Is My Name is Wesley Snipes, Tituss Burgess, Mike Epps, Da'Vine Joy Randolph, and Craig Robinson. All in all, the movie is looking to have a decent ensemble cast that will surely keep audiences entertained.

According to THR, Key will be portraying Jerry Jones, who Rudy Ray Moore convinced to write the screenplay for Dolemite, Moore's movie that seriously boosted his career. Jones went on to play a major role in Moore's movie as well, so it's safe to say that we will see a lot of Keegan-Michael Key in Dolemite Is My Name!, hopefully with a lot of one-on-one involvement with Eddie Murphy.

Dolemite Is My Name! will be the first movie featuring Eddie Murphy and Keegan-Michael Key together. Over the past decade, Key has arguably become just as legendary of a comedian and an actor as Eddie Murphy himself, or he is at least on the same path. Because of this, their involvement together on screen should be truly magnificent.

The movie itself will follow the career of Rudy Ray Moore during the 1970s. A large portion of the movie is theorized to be about the creation of his movie Dolemite, and the inclusion of Jerry Jones as the movie's screenwriter seemingly confirms this theory. If this theory is true, Dolemite Is My Name! may end up being a lot like last year's The Disaster Artist, which followed the creation of The Room, one of the most notorious movies ever made.

Dolemite Is My Name! will be a Netflix original movie, so it will drop directly on Netflix with presumably no theatrical release. While there is no release date for the biopic just yet, it will more than likely release some time in 2019, possibly early in the year if the production goes well in the coming months.

This report from THR that Keegan-Michael Key is joining the cast gets us even more excited for Dolemite Is My My Name!, as Key is just another great actor joining an already phenomenal cast. It will be great to see Eddie Murphy step back into the spotlight after his two year absence, and it will be even greater to see him team up with Keegan-Michael Key. All in all, Dolemite Is My Name! is working out to be a movie that comedy fans will not want to miss.