As rough as the past few months have been on the world, it has at least allowed people trapped inside their homes to catch up on old films that they did not have time to watch before and discover new favorites. A similar thing happened to Britney Spears when she saw the new Robert Downey Jr. movie Dolittle. So deeply moved was the pop icon that she took to Instagram to gush about the film.

"This movie is a must see !!! @RobertDowneyJr is so genuine you fall in love with him ..... the animal characters are hilarious and there seems to be a Special Tone throughout the whole movie which I find hard to find these days. So if you watch this movie and you're as enamored as I was with his jackets and clothing .... don't get lost like I did just remember he's a man who can speak to animals and he's brilliant !!!!! Pss .... how long has it been since you've seen what you've wanted to see ..... I can't even count how many movies I've watched in this quarantine so far !!!!!
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The resounding endorsement is sure to bring balm to the team behind the critically mauled and financially disappointing feature, especially Downey, who as lead actor and face of the movie bore the major brunt of negative publicity surrounding its performance.

Dolittle tells the tale of the widowed Doctor John Dolittle, a veterinary surgeon living a peaceful existence surrounded by animals that he had learned to communicate with. The ill-health of the royal princess prompts Dolittle on a quest across the seven seas in search of a cure, meeting with many adventures and fantastic creatures along the way.

With elements of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise mixed in with the premise of the original Dr. Dolittle stories, the movie was an attempt to start a grand new adventure franchise with the biggest star on the planet at its center. Unfortunately, hints of heavy studio meddling in the final product left the film in disarray, mixing in forced low-brow humor with a jumbled plotline.

But Britney Spears seems unaffected by the poor reputation the film has garnered over time, preferring to focus instead on what she liked about the movie, which was apparently a lot. From the latter half of her post, it is also clear that the singer is on a movie-watching binge lately, meaning she will likely be posting other reviews of her favorite things to watch in the coming days.

The commercial disappointment attached to Dolittle has had a positive effect on the MCU if rumors are to be believed, which state that now Downey is looking for a way to come back to the franchise which put him on the map in the first place as the leader of the Avengers. And it can be almost guaranteed, were he to return, in the MCU the actor would not be required to pretend to be extracting a bagpipe from a dragon's backside. That is a win for both Downey and audiences. This comes from Britney Spears' Instagram.