Robert Downey Jr. is reportedly the one responsible for the infamous dragon scene in Dolittle. Not a whole lot of people have seen the movie, but nearly everybody knows about the dragon scene. At the end of the movie, which is set to lose millions of dollars ($75 million to $100 million), Downey Jr.'s character helps a constipated dragon by sticking his arm up the creature's backside, pulling out various different items. The dragon then thanks this kind gesture by ripping a huge fart in Downey's face. Was this whole scene Robert Downey Jr.'s idea?

Dolittle viewers were shocked by what they saw at the end of the movie. Nobody could ever imagine Robert Downey Jr. to be sticking his hand up a dragon's butt, though here he is doing it in his first role after killing off Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, in Avengers: Endgame. While people were appalled by what they saw in Dolittle, it appears that it was all really RDJ's idea. "You can throw so many ideas at him and have the feeling he'll try anything and everything. He'll give you feedback. And he'll have some ideas of his own," says one insider. As one person who was involved in the extended postproduction process says, "When Iron Man tells you something, you listen to Iron Man."

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Robert Downey Jr. and his producer wife, Susan Downey, are believed to have had complete creative control on Dolittle. This knowledge, paired with the insider information, makes it seem like the dragon enema was all in the mind of Downey Jr. When the studio gave the greenlight in 2017, they thought they were getting a much different movie with Academy Award winning director Stephen Gaghan and Robert Downey Jr.

The studio was reportedly not at all impressed with the first cut of Dolittle because of how dark it was. The studio wanted something lighter with some laughs, though it seems that Robert Downey Jr.'s intentions were to make something a little bit more dramatic. It looks like the Iron Man actor may have purposely sabotaged the movie after the studio provided their notes. Why else would Tony Stark go and shove his arm up a dragon's backside? The fart at the end could very well be a message to the studio.

The studio initially wanted Dolittle to hit theaters in May 2019, but pushed it to January 2020. It's believed that the studio knew they had a bomb on their hands, which is why the movie wasn't given a prime pre-summer release. Avengers: Endgame is the biggest movie of all time, so there were a lot of people looking forward to see what Robert Downey Jr. did next. As it stands, the actor may have done one of the most absurd moments in cinematic history as an act of defiance. The actor has yet to comment on the matter, but Iron Man usually gets what he wants. The Hollywood Reporter was the first to comment on the dragon enema business.