Captain America: The First Avenger will hit theaters nationwide on July 22 and, along with showing us how Steve Rogers became the title character, the movie will also shed some light on another part of the Marvel universe: Stark Enterprises. Dominic Cooper portrays Howard Stark in Joe Johnston's superhero adventure, and he recently gave some new details about his character:

"We learn the whole idea of where Stark Industries comes from, which is out of pure curiosity and creative juices and excitement towards thinking of the future and developing things for good. He's a Howard Hughes. He's a guy that loves inventing, that's extremely intelligent, and that loves his lifestyle as well."
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Dominic Cooper also revealed that Howard Stark, much like his son, is quite the ladies' man:

"Absolutely. You're never quite sure where he's been or where he's just come from. And it's always like he's just come from somewhere in a tuxedo, from showing people his inventions and his new flying machines. He's great fun."

He also said that Howard Stark plays an integral part in how Steve Rogers becomes Captain America: The First Avenger:

"He's important because he's part of the machinery that helps Captain America manipulate his body."

Dominic Cooper revealed that he doesn't get to do any stunts in the movie, which suits him just fine:

"There are those things that you always think you want to do, and then the reality of them, you kind of go, "Actually, let's not do that." That's my experience with stunts. I like driving stunts. Car sequences I can do. Jumping off buildings, I'm not so keen on it. I think it has to do with my experience of getting stuck up a tree for sixteen hours as a child. The object was jumping into the river, but the prospect of jumping off the branch, I couldn't cope with it for a long, long time, and climbing down wasn't an option, so I had to jump. Not my favorite memory."