Prison Break star Dominic Purcell has joined the cast of Paradise Lost for Legendary Pictures and director Alex Proyas.

The actor will portray Jeehamel, an angel who is persuaded to join the evil Lucifer (Bradley Cooper). He eventually becomes the devil's right-hand man under the new moniker Moloch. Benjamin Walker portrays the archangel Michael, who wages an all-out war with Lucifer over who will control heaven. Djimon Hounsou, Casey Affleck, Camilla Belle, and Callan McAuliffe also star.

Alex Proyas is directing Paradise Lost from a screenplay by Ryan Condal, Stuart Hazeldine, Philip de Blasi, Lawrence Kasdan, and Byron Willinger. The project is adapted from John Milton's 17th century epic poem.

It isn't known when production will start on Paradise Lost.