Though we keep hearing that we're getting closer and closer to seeing new episodes of Arrested Development on Netflix, nothing has happened yet. Which makes this next video such a treat for fans hungry for more of the show's unique humor. Ron Howard, the narrator of Arrested Development, is back with a new-episode of Arrested Development. Only, it's not. Because instead of stealthily showing the crooked side of Michael Bluth and his family, this video expose delves through Donald Trump's recent bombastic Presidential debate boasts.

The video was made by Youtube user NeverCaesar, and sees Ron Howard turning political as he swings with a swift foray though current American politics. The segment is called 'TRUMP-rested Development' and it perfectly challenges some of the statements made by GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, focusing on the first debate this past September.

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Hillary Clinton reminded audiences and undecided voters often that she was keeping a fact check on her own personal website. But we can all admit that this is a lot more fun. The original cult series Arrested Development followed the Bluth family, who were often known as being 'truth-phobic'. It was shot in documentary style, and it often found Ron Howard's unnamed narrator having to contradict most of the antics Michael and his wacky brood found themselves involved in.

And that's par for the course here, giving both Arrested Development fans and Clinton supporters a few good laughs. Though, it also should prove to be quite entertaining for Trump supporters as well. None of the original cast appear in this video segment, but Howard and the jazz stylings of musician David Schwartz are more than ample for keeping the Arrested Development spirit alive. And as it turns out, the debate footage perfectly matches the original one-camera documentary style of the groundbreaking sitcom. Says Trump in one clip from the spoof.

"I was the one who got him to produce the birth certificate, and I think I did a good job."

In true Arrested Development fashion, Ron Howard is quick to quip, 'But he really didn't.' The gags continue like that for over a minute, with the narrator continually correcting the statements coming out of Donald Trump's mouth. Even if you are voting for Donald Trump during this upcoming election, this shouldn't steam you too much. It's pretty funny. But we don't need to tell you that, you can check it out for yourself.