Screen Daily News is reporting that a Donnie Darko sequel entitled S. Darko is going into production on May 18th without Richard Kelly's involvement. The film will be produced and distributed through the UK based company Velvet Octopus and Chris Fisher will direct it. His previous films include Rampage: The Hillside Strangler Murders and Nightstalker.

Daviegh Chase is set to return as Donnie's younger sister. The story picks up seven years after Donnie's death, with his little sister Samantha and a friend traveling to Los Angeles where they experience a plaque of bizarre visions. Also joining the cast are Ed Westwick, Briana Evigan, and Justin Chatwin.

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Fisher stated, "I am a great admirer of Richard Kelly's film and hope to create a similar world of blurred fantasy and reality." Velvet Octopus' Simon Crowe said of the project, "I think there is a new generation of cinema-goers who will be very excited to see this film. Donnie's not in it but there are meteorites and rabbits."

Production is set to begin on May 18th, 2008. Let the bitching begin...