2016 has been a very good, or at the very least profitable, year for mainstream horror movies. Near the very top of that list of solid and profitable horror movies is Don't Breathe, a thriller that managed to debut at number one at the box office in its first two weeks of release and wound up turning a very healthy profit for Sony, all while receiving very positive reviews from critics. That being the case, director Fede Alvarez is already working on a sequel.

Coming Soon received confirmation from the director and his co-writer Rodo Sayagues that they are already working on the sequel to Don't Breathe. In addition, they confirmed that Fede Alvarez plans to return to the director's chair for the next installment. Sony has not given the project the official green light yet, but with the original creative team already working on it and with the success the first movie enjoyed, it is very hard to imagine Sony not giving the project the go-ahead at some point.

Horror movies that are successful very often tend to be turned into franchises because they can be made on the cheap and, as Don't Breathe demonstrated, can turn a huge profit for the studio. In many cases, a horror sequel can feel pretty shoehorned and unnecessary, but without getting into spoilers for those who haven't seen the first movie, there is definitely room for a Don't Breathe sequel. It also definitely helps that Fede Alvarez will be returning, since it is his brainchild.

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Don't Breathe cost just shy $10 million to make, but made $152 million at the box office. Even with marketing costs factored in, that is a very nice profit for Sony. The success didn't go unnoticed, as he has been tapped by Sony to helm the long-awaited Girl With the Dragon Tattoo sequel. Fede Alvarez confirmed that The Girl In The Spider's Web, which is actually being adapted from the fourth novel in the series, will be his next project. So that means the Don't Breathe sequel will have to wait until he finishes working on that.

There is no word on whether or not stars Jane Levy or Stephen Lang will return for Don't Breathe 2, but it seems likely that they would, unless it will be a sequel in name only. There is also no word on when the movie will be released, but since Sony hasn't even given the green light to it yet, that makes sense. In any case, at this point the sequel seems like it will inevitably happen so horror fans have that to look forward to in the coming years.

Ryan Scott