If you haven't seen Don't Breathe yet, there will be SPOILERS in this story. Obviously, as we are talking about the end of this horror thriller that wowed audiences this past weekend. As we head into the Labor Day holiday, it has come to pass that an alternate ending was shot for the movie, and you can see part of it in the red band trailer that was released earlier this summer.

It was Bloody Disgusting that first noticed this deleted footage in the trailer. They did a little more digging and discovered that there was more to Don't Breathe than what audiences saw in the finished film. And it clearly sets up a sequel.

What some audiences, especially fans of the horror thriller genre, have appreciated about Don't Breathe is that it ends on an up note. There is no 'button' or end-credit scene that pushes the story forward ensuring that this is a movie intended to become a franchise. The ending is succinct and lets the story stand on its own. Apparently that wasn't always the case.

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The ending for Don't Breathe, as it stands, leaves a few questions unanswered. Some have wondered how Stephen Lang's Bling Man captured the first girl, and was there a prequel being planned? There appears to be more about The Blind Man that we don't yet know. A sequel isn't set up, but the movie makes it clear that Lang's character is still alive. As it turns out, director Fede Alvarez did set up a sequel in an end scene that got cut, in turn making the movie feel as though it was from the 70s or 80s and not a breeding ground for more movies to come.

It isn't known exactly why the original ending was cut. But it shows The Blind Man is on the hunt. The missing scene takes place in a Bus Station Lobby at noon. Rocky and Diddy are seen with a backpack full of money walking through the crowd. As they disappear into the sea of people, the camera drops low. A cane enters the frame. It moves slow to scan every inch of the floor.

As it turns out, this scene was actually shot. And you can see part of it in the red band trailer that was released earlier this year. We have included the scene here, both from the script and with the video. We also have the red band trailer. If you plan on seeing Don't Breathe again this weekend, or are seeing it for the first time, this should provide a little more insight into what happened following the events seen in the movie. Though, with this footage cut, if a sequel does happen, it doesn't necessarily mean this is the direction director Fede Alvarez will go with the story.

<strong><em>Don't Breathe</em></strong> Original Ending

B. Alan Orange