Wicked Thrilling Freaks has unveiled a new trailer for Don't Speak. This falls firmly in the category of what one might call a mockbuster, which means it's a low-budget attempt at recreating a legitimate Hollywood blockbuster. In this case, the filmmakers are trying to recapture the magic that director John Krasinski found in 2018's A Quiet Place. While nobody could expect a made-on-a-dime monster flick to pull that off, certain elements of this trailer are surprisingly decent.

As with anything cut from this cloth, the acting is going to be a little stiff and the cinematography isn't going to be anything to write home about, to say the very least of it. But there are some genuinely impressive practical creature effects here, and a few neat shots. Whether or not that will justify sitting through the whole movie is another question entirely. The connective tissue is easy to spot, as it largely centers on a creepy creature that hunts using sound. The studio has released a brief logline for Don't Speak, which reads as follows.

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"Upon arriving at their grandparents farm, a family soon realize the entire town has been taken out by an unknown monster. And soon, they become its prey."

A fittingly minimalistic, low-rent poster has also been revealed, which showcases the creature at the center of the action, as well as the tagline, "It wasn't supposed to escape." A Quiet Place focused on a full-on monster invasion, whereas this seems to be a single creature reeking havoc. Still, it's painfully obvious what is being mirrored. It's even noted on the movie's official webpage that the movie is, or at least was, also officially known as Silent Place, just to hammer home the point that this is trying to capitalize on the success of A Quiet Place.

Now feels like the right time for something like this to arrive. A Quiet Place: Part II is set to hit theaters in March, which will bring the budding franchise back to the forefront of the movie world. A Quiet Place was a massive success, earning high praise from critics on its way to a stellar $340 million take at the box office. It's understandable that this odd little corner of the movie business would want to try and emulate that success, albeit on a much smaller scale. Other notable examples of the mockbuster include Atlantic Rim, Transmorphers, Chop Kick Panda and Paranormal Entity, just to name a few.

Scott Jeffrey is in the director's chair and he has produced quite a few of these low-budget flicks in the past. Some of his other credits include ClownDoll, The Final Scream and Virtual Death Match. The cast includes Stephanie Lodge, Ryan Davies and Jake Watkins. Those who are interested in checking this out will have the chance when Don't Speak arrives on March 10 from Uncork'd Entertainment. Be sure to check out the trailer for yourself.

Dont Speak Poster