Doom 3

If there was one video game that revolutionized all other video games - Doom. It was the early 1990's when Id Software released the original Doom game. Now, after two successful sequels, and a major motion picture, Id brings us Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil exclusively on the Xbox.

I happened to get a copy of the game, as well as a press CD with some screen shots and trailers for both the Doom 3 game and the advanced Resurrection of Evil. Well, let me just tell you I was even freaked out by the video and the images. I don't get scared by video games, but some of the monsters and demons are just so awesome looking! I've never seen technology like this on a video game ever. Really, it's not a video game anymore when you look at the screen - you are part of the game!

Once I saw this, I knew I had to start playing the game. I did say I don't get scared, but boy was I freaked out. From the moment you turn on the game, the music and sounds are just like you want it - dark and disturbing. Monsters flying out, sounds coming out of every speaker, from every direction! The only thing I can say about this is awesome! Hell, if I happened to look at this game and put it in and saw that opening, I'd be playing this game all day - wait, I did do that.

I had seen the film, so some of the monsters were the same as in this game, but it's just amazing to see them on a 100 foot theater screen and then see the same monsters on a tv screen - crazy, because it's not different. The game designers at Id have to get tons of credit for making these creatures look like they do on film. These aren't your old Castlevania video game monsters anymore. We have moved into a new era of games, and Doom is past the curve.

Just like the movie, in Doom 3, you're on Mars trying to save a research facility from being taken over by these monsters. And, of course, it's in the first person point of view, so if you get queasy easily - don't play this game. Or just don't play it for a long time with the lights out. But really people, keep the lights off, these games aren't meant to be played with the lights on.

When you shoot something in this game, you don't get your normal blood squirt; first of all, you feel the shot as you hit the kill command. But, you hear it and see blood and guts like you've never seen before! It's so awesome! I love it!

Ok, so I couldn't get through much of the game, but I think that's what makes this game even better than all the others. It's harder than its predecessors, and much more challenging than anything I've ever played.

The sets of this game are spectacular! I'll go back to those game designers at Id - fantastic job, guys! Forget the monsters, the ship and the research facility just look freakin' ridiculous! I'm going to go play the game and walk through the different rooms and hallways just to look at the detail that went into making it.

Doom 3

This really is the ultimate of gamer game, and if you don't have an Xbox - get one so you can play this game. Doom 3 is a must play game, not just for the play and feel of the game, but for the sets and the design; you'll be playing for hours!

Both Doom 3 and Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil are in stores now, rated 'M' for Mature for very graphic violence. Doom, the movie, is in theaters as well, starring Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Karl Urban; it's rated 'R.'

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