Doom:Coming Soon is at the QuakeCon in Dallas this weekend and they got a scoop on what id Software said about a Doom feature film...

I am attending quakecon in dallas this weekend. QuakeCon being the 3 day video game convention held by ID software (makers of DOOM, QUAKE, and WOLFENSTEIN). CE0 and president of Id Software Todd Holenstead announced that they are in the works with an unnamed studio regarding the production of a DOOM film.

Holenstead also stated that they had been down this movie making path before but no script or studio was good enough for the project. He was also asked about the history of other video game based movies and how they didn't quite meet their expectations.

Holenstead stated that Id Software has a hand in the movie making procedure as to what can and cannot be done with the characters/story and that they have waited for a while so that the DOOM movie will be regarded as one of the better video game films.