Paramount Pictures has set an August 2, 2019 release date for their Dora the Explorer live-action movie adaptation. As of now, the movie will only be going up against an untitled "event film" from Warner Bros., while also being situated between Universal's Fast & Furious spin-off and Paramount's new Terminator movie on July 26, 2010, and Disney's Artemis Fowl and Universal's new Quentin Tarantino movie on August 9, 2019. There is no word yet on when production is supposed to begin at this time.

Paramount first announced the Dora the Explorer movie back in October 2015, when Puss in Boots writer Tom Wheeler was set by the studio to write both this movie, and a Micronauts adaptation. There was little to no movement on the project until this past October, when the studio brought in Nick Stoller to write the script for this adaptation, for producer Michael Bay and his Platinum Dunes producing partners Andrew Form and Brad Fuller. James Bobin has also come aboard to direct, although there is no word when production may begin, or if the studio plans on starting casting soon.

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The movie will be based on the hit animated series that ran for eight seasons that spanned 172 episodes between 2000 and 2014 on Nickelodeon. The play-along, animated adventure series followed Dora (Fátima Ptacek), a seven-year-old Latina heroine whose adventures take place in an imaginative, tropical world filled with jungles, beaches and rainforests. She explores her world just as preschoolers do every day, and the show is designed to actively engage its audience in an interactive quest using a variety of learning techniques.

In every episode, Dora and Boots (Regan Mizrahi) invite the audience to participate in an exciting adventure, where each step of their journey consists of a problem or puzzle that Dora and the audience must think their way through in order to solve the next problem. Dora is proudly bilingual and uses her knowledge of English and Spanish to communicate with her friends, overcome obstacles and reach her goals. In each episode, Dora teaches Spanish words or phrases to the viewers and then asks them to use it to solve a problem and forge ahead. Ultimately, Dora and her best friend, Boots, triumph, and the story always ends with a "We Did It!" anthem. It remains unclear if there will be an audience participation element with this live-action movie.

Dora the Explorer was created by Chris Gifford, Valerie Walsh Valdes and Eric Weiner, with the series also featuring a voice cast that included Marc Weiner as Swiper and Sasha Toro as Backpack. The series also spawned the spin-off Go Diego Go, along with several video games, DVDs and other product tie-ins. Dora The Explorer is one of four summer movies Paramount will roll out next year, including Transformers 7 (June 28, 2019), Top Gun 2 (July 12, 2019) and a new Terminator movie (July 28, 2019). With this family adventure situated among the summer tentpole fare next year, it could be quite the lucrative summer for Paramount. You can head on over to Variety for more on the Dora the Explorer release date.