Doug Liman will direct a biopic of Morris Abraham "Two-Gun" Cohen, the English bodyguard of Chinese leader Sun Yat-sen in the 1920s.

Morris Abraham "Two-Gun" Cohen was born in London and moved to China after serving in World War I in 1922. He trained Sun Yat-sen's army, who overthrew China's last imperial dynasty, even though he didn't speak Chinese, and moved up to be one of Sun Yat-sen's personal bodyguards. Two-Gun Cohen then fought with the Chinese after Sun Yat-sen's death in 1925 against the invading Japanese army. Here's what Doug Liman had to say about the story.

"He's a thief and a con man who goes to China with visions of self-aggrandizement, but while he's there he falls for the country and for a woman. The story falls off the shelf without having to twist the facts. It's almost hard to believe it happened."

New writer Matt Brown is writing the script which Doug Liman will direct from. Rob Reiner and Alan Greisman will produce, joining forces with Chinese company Beijing Galloping Horse Film & TV Production. When the script is write, the movie will be shot in China. Here's what Doug Liman had to say about the international scope of the production.

"I've been making extremely American movies and this is a chance to make a movie that plays out on an international scale: we've got the Westerners, the Brits, the warlords and then all the Chinese culture."

It isn't clear when production would start on this untitled drama.