Director Doug Liman will be heading to the slammer for a new film. According to Variety, Liman (Mr. and Mrs. Smith) has been set to direct film Attica.

Liman will be directing from a script by Oscar-nominated Precious screenwriter Geoffrey Fletcher, which will follow the infamous 1971 Attica State Prison uprising, that made national headlines during the four-day ordeal. Liman has a personal connection to the event - his father, Arthur Liman, was the chief counsel to the New York State Special Commission to Attica Prison, who berated Governor Nelson Rockefeller and other prison authorities for the carnage that ensued. 32 inmates and 10 hostages were killed, 39 of the deaths coming at the hands of state police.

"My father's report literally reads like a page-turner," Liman said. "It is filled with stories of guards and prisoners from vastly different backgrounds, learning to trust each other in the face of real human tragedy."

No production schedule was released for the film.