have unleashed the pilot episode of the ill-fated TV show, Aquaman! You can download the episode in it's entirey through the iTunes software.

CLICK HERE to access the episode directly.

Years ago, self-assured shop owner Arthur "A.C." Curry lost his mother in the mysterious Bermuda Triangle, and now he is honing his amazing aquatic abilities under the tuleage of a cryptic lighthouse keeper. A.C. knows that he must risk everything to protect the world's vast oceans, even if it brings him into conflict with alluring Navy pilot Rachel Torres.

As he trains with his haunted mentor and relies on his close confidant Eva, A.C. grows to embrace an even bigger mission: an ominous, invisible war between the world A.C. inhabits and the one that bore him. This grounded, contemporary reinterpretation of DC Comics' Aquaman mythology comes from the acclaimed writing / producing team of Alfred Gough and Miles Millar who brought you Smallville.

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