Are you ready to say good-bye to Downton Abbey? The popular period drama is finally closing up shop this fall in the UK. ITV has debuted the /flash-season-2-trailer-barry-allen/first trailer for this swan song. And we get an official international release date, along with a confirmation of when these final episodes will land on American shores. Judging from this latest footage, wherever you live, the wait will be too long.

"If I could stop history in its tracks, maybe I would." Those are the immortal words whispered by Robert Crawley in the first sneak peek at Downton Abbey Season 6 as things slowly come to a halt. ITV has shared this touching final farewell, confirming that the final episodes will debut on September 20 throughout the U.K. At this time, no plot details have been revealed. It is known, however, that these last episodes take place in the year 1925.

The first trailer for Downton Abbey Season 6 hints that more changes are coming to the Abbey. Crawley, played by the great Hugh Bonneville, offers a bit of advice to Mr. Carson (Jim Carter). He is not a keeper or stopper of time. But given the chance, he would freeze this moment, and hold onto it forever. Unfortunately, that is not a super power he is capable of. But it does hint that death is coming.

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The final season is set to end before the great stock market crash of 1929. This will instead be explored in a movie, if it ever happens. That gives the potential feature film a lot of 'rich territory' to cover. Carnival Films chief Gareth Neame spoke more about it at the TCA event this past August. No movie has been given the green light just yet, and probably won't until after these final episodes premiere.

Episode 1 of Downton Abbey Season 6 premiered at a London press day for the show in mid-August. Deadline was present, but sworn to secrecy about all it entails. They were, however, able to reveal that it is everything a Downton Abbey fan could hope for. There is a lot of drama and emotion swelling at the seems of this premiere episodes. And there is quite a bit of intrigue, propelling the action forward for subsequent episodes.

PBS will premiere Downton Abbey Season 6 on January 3 in the States, as announced earlier this year. During the London press day, creator Julian Fellowes expressed that he was very pleased with the final outcome of his series. You can get a small taste of what awaits us this winter, unless you live in the UK. Then your'e in luck, as the season is just around the corner. Who's excited?

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange