CBS TV Distribution has been busy signing TV stations in 18 of the top 20 markets to a new syndicated Dr. Phil spinoff The Doctors for next fall, according to Variety. Most stations will run The Doctors in daytime slots.

Dr. Phil McGraw's son Jay McGraw is executive producer of The Doctors, in which five MDs in various specialties serve as a panel of experts to answer questions sent in by viewers.

CBS TV is pitching the show as similar to ABC's The View, only with doctors, two of whom will be women. The host is Dr. Travis Stork, an E.R. physician who burnished his celebrity by starring in The Bachelor during season eight of the ABC primetime series early in 2006.

The five doctors will show up from time to time over the next year on the Dr. Phil show to learn how to give articulate medical advice while being scrutinized by a studio audience in Los Angeles.

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