What good is a vampire's strength in a fight when he can be bested by a handful of pocket change? That's the question raised by the latest clip from Dracula Untold. Luke Evans' Vlad Tepes, who has recently been cursed by vampirism, is challenged to a sword fight by Mehmed (Dominic Cooper), a warrior who proves to have the upper hand with his stash of hidden cash, revealing that silver is a vamp's biggest weakness. Then, in a second clip, Vlad exposes his monstrous side to Sarah Gadon's Mirena by ripping back a curtain to be engulfed by sunlight, which burns off his flesh.

Count Dracula's origin tale presents the blood sucker as an easy target in this latest look at the swashbuckling horror adventure, in theaters this October. Surely he has some hidden talents that make his curse seem worthwhile? If so, they are not shared in this sneak peek.

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Dracula Untold explores the origin of Dracula, weaving vampire mythology with the true history of Prince Vlad the Impaler, depicting Dracula as a flawed hero in a tragic love story set in a dark age of magic and war.

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