Dragon Ball fans are going to be salivating all over their shoes when they see these. A few Adidas aficionados will be too. And for all you sneakerheads out there, you're going to want to pounce on these as soon as they become available. Because the new Dragon Ball Z Adidas won't be around for long, and they'll probably be out of stock by the time you roll out of bed the day they go on sale. Just saying.

The new Adidas Dragon Ball Z collection contains two different style of show, and they will be hitting retailers and the Adidas online store sometime this August. This colorful two-pack of sneakers represents one of the most iconic match-ups in the entire history of the franchise. This is the Son Goku Vs. Frieza collection, and it's fierce.

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The hero is getting a modernized version of the Adidas ZX500 RM running shoe, perfect for fighting any evil beast in the galaxy. This shoe comes in orange and blue colorway, with key details appearing on the medial side of the shoe. In my opinion, it's definitely the cooler of the two styles being made available. It's for old schoolers and sneaker nostalgists.

The orange and blue in this particular shoe represents the bright, poppy colors of Son Goku's signature robes. As stated, the shoe itself is not new, it's a complete retrofit of the ZX500, which is one of the company's more popular running shoes. There was also a Boba Fett sneaker sold in this exact same style.

The villain shoe comes in the much trendier Adidas Yung-1 style. It's leather, suede, and corduroy in an offsetting purple and white motif that will appeal to the younger crowd. The color theme is easily associated with the evil intergalactic jerk. Dare we say it is a little gaudy?

These new Dragon Ball Z shoes come with a custom Adidas insole. And it's expected that each pair of shoes will arrive in special packaging that celebrates both the franchise and the launch of this unique pair of sneakers. While the shoes will be released in August, Adidas has not announced a specific day, so those wanting either pair will have to wait by their computer intently. It's possible that the shoes will show up for sale before they're even announced, and you could miss out.

There have been plenty of incarnations of Dragon Ball, including manga, anime, knock-offs, TV shows and live-action movies. One constant is the rivalry between Goku and Frieza. Now, they have two very different tennis shoes competing for your attention. And it's a tough one to call.

Sure, Goku's shoe is much more aesthetically pleasing, but the younger crowd could make the Frieza shoe the clear winner when it comes to overall sales. It's suspected that there will be more styles added to this collection in the future. You can check out the shoes here thanks to Sneaker News.

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