Dragon Kingdom captures the high energy of Harry Potter and the fantasy thrills that made Game of Thrones so memorable in a swift, action-packed tale full of adventure, danger and giant fire breathing beasts. This September, Uncork'd Entertainment is bringing this rousing epic to DVD and Digital. Today, we have an exclusive look at the hot new trailer, which comes from the special effects team behind the Harry Potter movies.

To save their Kingdom from the Dark Lord's army, a mighty and courageous legion of warriors must travel through the forbidden lands fighting the fearsome fire breathing monsters of The Dark Kingdom, a land that swallows all who enter, in order to rescue their King.

Born of fire and magic the Dragons' power is immeasurable. This power could not be harnessed until a Magister used it to spawn an army of fury bloods. Prince Favian of Zaldah filled with anger when King Xalvador named Princess Elizabeth as the next ruler enlisted the Magister's army to take control of the Kingdom. The only people that can stop him and inform the King of Favian's insidious plan are the Princess and her two Knights forming an unlikely alliance with two Katori Warrior Women. Their quest will not be easy as their path is blocked by the fury bloods leaving them no choice but to traverse The Dark Kingdom, a land that swallows all who enter.

Dragon Kingdom arrives from the effects team behind Harry Potter, and acclaimed filmmaker Simon Wells (Knights of the Damned). Ross O'Hennessy, Ben Loyd-Holmes, Rebecca Dyson-Smith, Zara Phythian, Jessica-Jane Stafford, Jemma Moore and Mike Mitchell star in a wonderous special-effects showcase that breathes fire and leaves a triumphant impression.

This is producer Simon Wells third feature film as a director, previously giving the world such classics as 2017's Knights of the Damned, which he followed up that same year with Carnivore: Werewolf of London. He is working from a script written by Aston Benoit, who is making his debut here, and actor Ben Loyd-Holmes, who has previously written several screenplays, including Knights of the Damned for Wells, appearing in both films.

The filmmakers have gone out of their way to ensure that no demonic creatures were harmed in the making of Dragon Kingdom, even if a few get pretty roughed up in the film itself, which also arrives from one of the executive producers of Game of Thrones. That popular HBO series came to a halt this past year, with many fans either wanting more or severely disappointed in how it all ended. Dragon Kingdom comes as a nice condolence prize for those still yearning for sci-fi and fantasy adventure with a dark spirit and realistic turn.

Dragon Kingdom will be coming home in just a few weeks, hitting DVD on September 3rd. Along with our exclusive trailer, you can also check out the poster from the upcoming release.

Dragon Kingdom poster
B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange