Film Junk is reporting today that Twentieth Century Fox is looking to shut down production on their big screen version of Dragonball. In the report, higher-ups at Fox are said to be unpleased with the recent footage that they've seen. And that they are seriously considering shutting the whole thing down. Well, this is entirely not true.

The film was completed a while ago, and the reasons for moving the film's release date from this summer to next spring was to insure that all of the needed special effects were completed. We have a source that is very close to the film. And he/she says that the first edit is done, and that it has been shown to those "higher ups" at Fox. And that they love the finished film. Our studio contact, who we aren't allowed to name at the moment, worked on the production, and has seen the completed movie. Everyone involved seems to think they have a hit on their hands, and he even went on to say that it was "pretty darn awesome. There is certainly talk about a sequel. I have no doubt that it will happen. I'm sure that it will be a trilogy."

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If you are anxiously awaiting Dragonball, don't be scared by these sudden rumors that the film is being scrapped or sent directly to home video. That is certainly not the case. Dragonball is still set for a April 3rd, 2009 release date.