Author and screenwriter Sarah Cornwell is set to pen the Dragonriders of Pern adaptation, based on the first book in Anne McCaffrey's 22-novel series.

The first novel, Dragonflight, follows a young girl named Lessa, the only one to survive the assassination of her family, who rules over part of the planet Pern. She disguises herself as a servant in the house of the new ruler, but her surprisingly strong telepathic abilities take her on a journey to restore the longtime tradition of dragon-riding, as she discovers the secret history of her homeland.

Dagonflight was first published in 1968, which lead to Anne McCaffrey becoming the first female author to win both the Hugo and Nebula awards. Warner Bros. optioned all 22 books back in July. The project was previously housed at indie studios Copperhead Entertainment, Dark Hero Studios and Angry Films, with David Hayter hired to write the screenplay adaptation back in April 2011.

Sarah Cornwell's debut novel What I Had Before You was published in January, and she previously won a Humanitas Student Drama Fellowship for her work as a screenwriter. She is currently writing Demon Camp for Montecito Pictures, and she was recently brought on for a page-one rewrite on Lava Bear's The Forest.