Corey Feldman has been dropping some breadcrumbs lately. Last week Feldman took to his Instagram to post a mysterious photo wearing an iconic jacket, striking a familiar pose and announcing that a surprise was coming.

Corey Feldman and Micky Thomas of the band Starship, reunited for a special photo shoot thirty years after they appeared on screen together in Dream a Little Dream, the cult classic starring the two Corey's and helmed by legendary director Marc Rocco, who went on to make films such as Murder in the First and The Jacket. Tragically, Marc Rocco and Corey Haim passed away the same year and ironically, the tenth anniversary of their deaths is a few short months away.

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Marc Rocco's widow Lisa Rocco honored his work and his memory by directing this special 30th Anniversary photo shoot, which was shot by photographer Maggie St Thomas, who often works with Feldman on his album covers. Grammy nominated artist Mark London created a layout to match the film's original poster. All the actors who have passed away including Jason Robards and Harry Dean Stanton are honored as you can see via illustrations by legendary artist Howard Teman and placed where Meredith Salenger would normally sit. Mickey Thomas, who fans may also remember as the actor who played the teacher of The Two Corey's in the film, pays homage to Corey Haim as his character Dinger.

Corey Feldman's first single "Something in your Eyes" which was co-written and produced by Michael Damien, was originally released 30 years ago as part of the soundtrack for Dream a Little Dream. It's being rereleased thirty later as the "B side" of the physical single just as it was off the Mike Reno (Loverboy) original single thirty ago, but for the first time ever, it will also be released digitally.

Feldman famously lip syncs to Mickey singing Dream A Little Dream in the iconic scene where he danced down the bleachers and again at the end credits of the film. In what Feldman describes as a "Powerhouse Rockin Reboot," the updated version will be available for download on Nov 22nd, which all 2 Corey fans know is a special day for the pair. The track will also be available on Vinyl hopefully in time for Record Store Day Nov 29th.

The single is the first from a box set which includes old and new music. Details from the box set will be released early next year. The box set is coming from Corey's label CiFi Records and the vinyl will be in association w JETT Plastic Records who released Feldman's last vinyl single "Go 4 It" which sold 2,000 units when it was released in 2017. Produced by Corey Feldman & Gregg Sartiano, from the forthcoming CiFi Records Release of "Love Left 25th Anniversary" Box Set, Coming Soon...2 The World!

Dream a Little Dream 30th Anniversary Tribute Record