Safady Entertainment has officially acquired film rights to psychological thriller, Dreamt. The story is written by Andrew Alexander and will be directed by Martin Weisz.

Read the official Press Release below:

Dreamt, is a story set in modern day, where two people have a supernatural connection and therefore are actually dreaming in each other's lives. Conflict ensues after the men discover each other's existence, leading one man to try to take over the other's life and stopping at nothing to get it.
"We're excited to tell a thrilling, exciting story with an amazing twist to it," said producer Gary Safady, adding: "The script has all the elements for intrigue and fascination to capture the audience from the opening frame of the film. Andrew has crafted an amazing story in the vain of Memento and Fight Club."

Safady Entertainment has also secured renowned music video, commercial, and director of "The Hills Have Eyes II," Martin Weisz. Martin has shot over 350 music videos for artists such as Puff Daddy, Korn, Live, Sisqo, Nickelback, Fuel, and numerous others.

"We believed that Martin's visual capabilities, intuition with actors, accompanied by his passion for this project will create an amazing film," Safady adds.

Pre-production on this action-thriller is expected to begin February 2012. Principal photography is scheduled to begin April 2012.

"Martin has been a great friend of mine and a couple months ago told me I had to read this script," says Safady's producing partner Craig Chapman. "That night I read it three times and said we have to make this movie. Good material and great writing fuel our business. We were lucky to stumble upon a gem!" He added.

Todd Moyer of the Flagship Management Group, who is currently producing the Brendan Fraser film "William Tell 3D," is also a Producer on the film.

"Martin and I are excited to be doing this picture with Gary Safady. We've been developing the project for 3 years. Gary's passion for the screenplay convinced us that Safady Entertainment will help us make this film a reality."

Andrew Alexander is represented by Original Artists. Martin Weisz is represented by Anonymous Content and is the owner of Weird Pictures.