The Courier Mail in Australia caught up with Dreamwork's Jeffrey Katzenberg, who said that work is already under way on Shrek the Fourth and Shrek the Fifth. He revealed:

Many of the 1400 artists employed at the DreamWorks studio in Los Angeles are busy working on the next two in the series. RELATED: People Are Drawing Shrek from Memory and the Results Are Amazing

"The fourth film will come out in 2010 and the fifth in 2013," says Jeffrey Katzenberg, the former Disney chief who a decade ago founded DreamWorks with his pals David Geffen and Steven Spielberg, and heads the studio's animation arm.

Katzenberg said each animated film took about four years to complete, and DreamWorks had seven or eight in the pipeline now.

Fans of Madagascar will see a sequel next year, and Kung Fu Panda is another 2008 release.

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