Dreamworks and DiBonaventura Pictures will be treasure hunting for their next project. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the studio and production company have hired writer Dario Scardapane to write the film, Ancient History. Lorenzo DiBonaventura will produce.

The story, originally based on an idea from DiBonaventura Pictures executive Mark Vahradian, will revolve around a man who purposefully gets himself locked up in prison so he can search for lost treasure. It is said that Scardapane will rework the setting and update the script which previously languished in development.

Scardapane's last feature writing credit was Posse in 1993, but he has written several television pilots for the likes of Joe Carnahan, Michael Bay and Peter Berg. He also will write a remake of |The Mission, with Peter Berg slated to direct.

No production schedule has been announced for the film so far.