DreamWorks has optioned the rights to Platinum Studios' comic book Atlantis Rising for a live-action feature adaptation to be produced by studio-based Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, according to The Hollywood Repoter.

Created by Rosenberg, Atlantis Rising is a five-part miniseries first published by Platinum Studios Comics in November. The fifth and final installment in the series, written by Scott O. Brown and drawn by Tim Irwin and Andy Elder, is due on comic book shelves in late April.

In "Atlantis," seismic disturbances at sea force world militaries to investigate the deepest part of the world's ocean, where an underground civilization emerges to wage war with planet Earth.

"The comic brings a fresh, techno-thriller approach to a story that holds all the tenets of a classic us-vs.-them alien invasion movie," Kurtzman said.

"No sea horses or tridents here," Orci joked.