DreamWorks Storm: DreamWorks is paying $1 million against $2 million for a spec pitch by writers Brian Koppelman and David Levien. For those who don't know what this means, it simply means that they get $1 mil now, and another two if the project goes into production. The duo stand to make even more money in that case, as they will serve as co-directors and producers on the film. Koppelman and Levien previously wrote the film Rounders , and made their producing/directing debut on the loooooooooooong delayed Knockaround Guys . Their latest, entitled The Storm Returns , concerns a group of soldiers recently discharged from Desert Storm, who return home to find their lives to be very uneventful. They decide they need some action, so they decide to wage war on a local drug kingpin and his gang.

Final Destination 2: Actress A.J. Cook ( The Virgin Suicides, Out Cold ) is joining the cast for this sequel. She'll be playing a character who was not in the original. Returning from the first film is Ali ( the whipped cream girl from Varsity Blues ) Larter. In the directors chair this time is David Ellis, who most recently was 2nd Unit director on The Matrix Reloaded.

Spy Kids Competition: Look out Spy Kids, DreamWorks is sending out it's own set of pint sized heroes. Matt Lopez, an attorney in the business affairs department at DreamWorks ha just had his first screenplay optioned. Amazing Heroes is about a set of fraternal twins (a boy and a girl) who at the age of twelve, discover that the girl has super powers. The boy has no powers and feels shortchanged... the girl views them as a curse. Eventually, they overcome their differences just in time to thwart an attack by an evil alien race.

Ashley Judd: Judd is close to signing onto the Kopelson production of Blackout. As reported here earlier, details of the film are sketchy, but it is described as a great thriller for a strong female lead.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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