After shopping his script around town last week, it was Dreamworks that decided to pick up Peter Jackson's film adaptation The Lovely Bones. According to Variety, the studio has committed at least $65 million to Jackson's pet project. It is set to be a low key affair, at least compared to his Lord Of The Rings trilogy and 2005's King Kong.

The Lovely Bones is based on Alice Sebold's 2002 best seller of the same name. The story follows a murdered girl as she retraces the steps leading up to her demise. Jackson wrote the script with his partners Phillippa Bovens and Fran Walsh. Both of which worked with him on all three Lord Of The Rings films.

Warner Brothers, Universal, and Sony also bid on the picture, but lost out to Dreamworks early Friday evening. It's a natural fit, seeing as how Steven Spielberg has long wanted to work with Jackson. The studio fought hard for film rights s few years back, before losing out to Wingnut Films.

Spielberg said about the acquisition, "When you read an emotionally magical story that cries out to be turned into a major motion picture, you hope its winding path can find its way to the door of your own company."

Peter will begin shooting the film in October. Locations include Pennsylvania and New Zealand. Jackson has promised the studio that The Lovely Bones will be finished and ready by late 2008.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange