Some sequels exist solely in the minds of movie fans who love to keep them alive via rumors on the Internet. Dredd 2 is one of those sequels. The original reboot, which hit theaters in 2012, wasn't exactly a box office hit, taking in just $13 million in the states, and another $22.2 million overseas for a worldwide take of just $35.6 million. Not even coming close to its reported $50 million budget. But the movie was well received by fans and critics alike, and there has been talk about a follow-up ever since. Now, comes some encouraging words from its star, Karl Urban.

While Dredd bombed at the box office, it later found its audience on home video and streaming, becoming a true cult classic in its own right. But Lionsgate, the studio behind the comic book adaption, has never sounded confident in putting up more money for something that arrived as such a monumental failure. That hasn't stopped those involved with the original from teasing a sequel. And now Karl Urban has told a crowd of unsuspecting fans that Dredd 2 is actually 'in development'.

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But what does that mean? We're not sure. The actor made the comment during the 2016 Denver Comic Con as part of his own personal panel. was on hand to confirm the comments, and they sound like a pretty legitimate source. Urban had quipped that he needs a 'new house', and that Dredd 2 would help with the down payment.

This latest report claims that the story is in development. Once that is settled on, and a script is written, a new platform for the movie will be sought out. This means it could forgo a theatrical release and head straight to one of the major streaming networks such as Netflix or Amazon. And it could arrive as a TV show instead of a movie, which Urban sounds up for.

Karl went onto explain to the crowd that one reason the movie failed at the box office, despite being a success as a great sci-fi comic book movie in and of itself, is because there wasn't the proper awareness for it. Making a sequel continues to be an uphill battle solely because the movie tanked on opening weekend, and didn't remain in theaters for a very long stretch, disappearing quickly after its debut. At the time, Lionsgate completely wrote the idea of a sequel off, and abandoned the notion. They had no idea at the time that it would be one of those movies that became successful in the secondary market. does not provide any direct quotes from the actor. But they do go onto say Urban has confirmed that 'established creatives' are interested in taking the property and turning it into a solid franchise that could exist in another medium outside of movies. Only time will tell if Judge Dredd 2 will become an actual thing. Or if it will continue lingering in the ether like Goonies 2 and Bill & Ted 3.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange