Will Dredd 2 happen? Star of the original 2012 reboot Karl Urban says the filmmakers are working very hard to make it a reality, sending out the following video message today as a sign of hope for this action sequel.

/dredd-sequel-is-possible-says-karl-urban/Back in February, Karl Urban revealed that conversations about a sequel were ongoing between Lionsgate and screenwriter Alex Garland. Since that time, the official "Make a Dredd 3D sequel" petition has over 100,000 signatures, which prompted today's video.

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When it was released back in 2012, Dredd 3D did not have a great showing at the box office, taking in an abysmal $13.4 million domestically and $22.2 million in international markets for a worldwide total of $35.6 million. Despite these numbers, the comic book adaptation was well received by critics and fans alike, and has amassed a strong fanbase on home video and streaming services.

Dredd already has a sequel of sorts, with a graphic novel follow-up entitled Underbelly, which sold out earlier this year during its first run. A second graphic novel is planned that takes place in this cinematic universe called the 'Unprise'.

If Dredd 2 does become a reality, writer Alex Garland, who has big plans for the sequel, promises that we will see the Dark Judges from the comic book series brought to the big screen.