Despite only earning $35 million worldwide in 2012, fans are still clamoring for a sequel to Dredd 3D. Star Karl Urban has said on a number of occasions that a sequel may still happen some day. However, the actor recently made an appearance at Chicago Comic-Con, where he revealed that now it's more likely that a prequel will be made, instead of a sequel.

"Why yes, there is a definite possibility. But, it is more likely that we will do the origins story with Dredd trekking through the cursed earth to find the first Chief Judge Fargo."
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In the original Judge Dredd comics, Fargo was the first Chief Judge Dredd was cloned from. Fargo was never seen again after it was revealed that Dredd was his cloned. Max von Sydow portrayed Fargo in the 1995 Judge Dredd adaptation that starred Sylvester Stallone as the title character.

If the film does turn out to be a prequel, it seems unlikely that Olivia Thirlby's character, Cassandra Anderson, will be featured, since she was a rookie who met her boss Dredd for the first time in Dredd 3D.

Would you rather see a Dredd 3D prequel involving Fargo, or a sequel that continues the story from the first 2012 adaptation? Chime in with your thoughts below.