While fans still hold on to hope that a sequel to Dredd 3D will happen some day, producer Adi Shankar is giving fans a spinoff miniseries that will debut online for free later this month.

The seven-part mini-series will center on the Dark Judges from the original 2000AD comic books, characters which Dredd 3D writer Alex Garland previously revealed would be the focus of a movie sequel, if it were to ever happen. The Dark Judges include Judge Death, Judge Fire, Judge Fear and Judge Mortis, who frequently clashed with Dredd and Cassandra Anderson in the comic book.

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The mini-series won't be officially connected to the movie, but it is a part of Adi Shankar's Bootleg Universe, which includes the short films The Punsher: Dirty Laundry starring Thomas Jane and Ron Perlman, and Venom: Truth in Journalism, which featured Ryan Kwanten as Spider-Man's nemesis Eddie Brock/Venom.

It isn't clear if Dredd 3D stars Karl Urban or Olivia Thirlby will reprise their roles as Judge Dredd and Cassandra Anderson, but we'll find out when this untitled mini-series debuts next month.

As for Dredd 2, Karl Urban revealed last month that the project may now be a prequel, following the title character as he goes on a quest to find the first Chief Judge, Fargo. Dredd 3D only earned $35 million worldwide during its theatrical run in 2012, but the film has a dedicated fan base that has been clamoring for a sequel for the past two years.