Independent financers have signed director Drew Heriot (The Secret) to make his feature debut on The Aquarian Gospel, a story of Jesus Christ's "missing years" from ages 13 to 30, according to Variety.

William Keenan (Poor Things) is producing with Thaddeus Carlson co-executive producing the $12 million-$15 million project with plans to use a high-definition format in the vein of 300 with shooting on U.S. soundstages.

John F. Sullivan and Keenan wrote the script, which is inspired by two books -- "The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ" (1908) by evangelical preacher Levi Dowling and "The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ" (1898) by Russian anthropologist Nicholas Notovich.

The story chronicles Jesus' journeys from Israel through India, Tibet, Persia, Greece and Egypt as he encounters people of all creeds, classes and faiths.

Producers plan on using actors from the Middle East, India, the Far East, Europe and America along with modern-day spiritual leaders in cameo roles, portraying prominent historical and religious figures that Jesus encountered.