Get ready to bring home a unique character from Owen Wilson to start off July. Drillbit Taylor is coming to DVD on July 1. The comedy will be released in a single-disc edition, a two-disc extended edition and Blu-Ray edition, although pricing details aren't set at this time. The film stars Owen Wilson, Alex Frost, Matt Gallini, Troy Gentile and Nate Hartley.

Ryan (Troy Gentile), Wade (Nate Hartley) and Emmit (David Dorfman) attend their first day at high school and they're pumped...until they meet up with Filkins (Alex Frost), a school bully who comes off like a little Hannibal Lecter. Before they become completely engulfed in Filkins' reign of terror, they seek out some protection by placing an ad in Soldier of Fortune magazine. Their best response - and the cheapest - comes from Drillbit Taylor (Owen Wilson), a down-on-his luck soldier of fortune who lives a homeless - he likes to say "home-free" - existence on the beach. He enrolls them in some physical and mental training.

Special Features

- Commentary: Commentary by Steven Brill, Kristofor Brown, Troy Gentile, Nate Hartley, David Dorfman

- Commentary: The Writers Get a Chance to Talk: Kristofor Brown and Seth Rogen

- Additional Scenes: Urinal Assault

- Additional Scenes: Trophy Case

- Additional Scenes: Sidewalk Caf&#233

- Additional Scenes: Bulking Up

- Additional Scenes: Bodyguard "D"

- Additional Scenes: Bodyguard "Frank"

- Additional Scenes: Training - Woods

- Additional Scenes: Training - Log

- Additional Scenes: Massage Chair

- Additional Scenes: Training - Pool 1

- Additional Scenes: Training - Pool 2

- Additional Scenes: Teacher's Lounge

- Additional Scenes: Detention

- Additional Scenes: Don Teaches History

- Additional Scenes: Post Robbery

- Additional Scenes: Pawn Shop - Night

- Additional Scenes: Wade Family Dinner

- Additional Scenes: Drillbit Teaches Gym

- Additional Scenes: Nurse's Office

- Featurette: Line-O-Rama

- Featurette: Panhandle (3:05)

- Featurette: Gag Reel

- Featurette: Kids on the Loose

- Featurette: Directing Kids

- Featurette: Super Billy

- Featurette: Bully

- Featurette: Bodyguard

- Featurette: Trading Punches

- Featurette: Rap Off

- Featurette: Sprinkler Day

- Featurette: Filkins Fight

- Featurette: The Life of Don

- Featurette: The Real Don: Danny McBride

- Trailers: International A v. 7

- Trailers: Bodyguard v. 22

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