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Thursday, September 27, 2001 5:17PM PDT - by Brian

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Be sure to listen to the Gabriel South Radio Show, this Friday, at 11:30AM PDT, to hear Lights Out's own Droid talk about what he loves most in life- HIMSELF! You can hear Gabriel by clicking on over to KLASFM.com, or if you live in the Los Angeles area, by tuning you radio to 89.7FM.

It's guaranteed bitter!

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This week was the ultimate week for Simpsons lovers. On Tuesday Fox finally released the long awaited DVD collection of The Simpsons: Season 1. Yes, the animation is a little crude and the voices are still in their early stages but this DVD box set is a must have for any Simpsons fan. The commentary by Matt Groening is great and the never-before-seen stuff is definitely worth a look.

Check out the interview over at IGN with Al Jean, producer of The Simpsons, for some juicy tidbits about the series as well as the status of a Simpsons movie! Click here.

In other Fox-animated-comedy-sitcom-crteated-by-Matt-Groening news, Futurama is coming to DVD early next year! Now, while some of you might not think that Futurama is up to par with The Simpsons, you're comparing Apples and Oranges. Two different shows. Two different brands of humor. The season one box set should hit store shelves sometime in February. Watch the hell out.

In other movie news...

Someone has seen footage of Star Wars Episode II! Check out this article over at TheForce.net for a write up done by an insider about the new movie! He has nothing but good things to say about George and his damn Clones! Stay tuned for Lights out's Star Wars hype page!

Anyone wanna see some stills from the set of Blade 2? Well then...click the hell out of this link!

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As all of you probably know, we here at Lights Out LOVE everything horror. And with October being our favorite month because of Halloween, you'll be seeing a ton of frightening things popping up around the site this month.

To start thing off, next Tuesday Universal home video will be releasing a DVD chock full of scenes from your favorite maniac horror movies. Whether you have love for Halloween, A Nightmare On Elm Street, Hellraiser, Child's Play, or tons of others, you WILL NOT be disappointed by this DVD. There's even commentary from Freddy himself (Robert Englund) about horror movies and how they affect people! What a great way to kick off the scariest month of the year. For ordering info click the image to the left.

Some video game news...

Yes. October is almost here. But what do you do to get into the full spirit of the evilest month on the calendar? Yeah, you could watch horror movies, you could pop in your new copy of Blood: The Last Vampire...but what do you do after that? I have the answer...play the scariest video games ever to grace a screen. Silent Hill 2, the absolute most warped game on the planet was released this week and it is EXTREMELY disturbing. Devil May Cry will be released on October 13th and if that doesn't get you pumped, nothing will. Also, Resident Evil: Code Veronica X has been released for fellow Playstationers to enjoy in being attacked by hordes of the undead! Plenty of spooky goodness to get you in the mood!

Actually, speaking of Resident Evil, Capcom has announced that they will be Re-releasing EVERY Resident Evil game onto Nintendo's Gamecube. You're thinking to yourself, ""So what?" Here's the catch, they're not only re-releasing the games on the system they are also REDOING each of the games! Same storyline...TOTALLY different look. Don't believe me? Check out some AMAZING screenshots of the revision to the first Resident Evil game HERE. The horror is reborn...

That's it boils and ghouls...stay tuned for more creeps... ~Brian Ripping Off The Crytkeeper

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