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Hello America....oh wait. Wrong critic. I meant to speak about...the one...the only...the long lost...DROID! That's right people, he's back from his little summer vacation and he's got a new attitude. He's a "nice" guy now. Is this a good thing? Is it an atrocity? Will he and Mushy become friends? You be the judge as you read the latest installment ofDroid's Bitter Bits straight from Lennin's Tomb! Personally, I think Droid needs to go and see some of America's summer "blockbusters" so he can fill our faint little hearts with disgust once again...

In movie news the first #|Lord of The Rings poster has been released! Check it out in all of it's fantastic glory!

Also, a new Matrix DVD full of supplemental material will be hitting the shelves soon! While they won't be re-releasing the actual film on the DVD, The Matrix:Revisited will be chock full of behind the scenes material and more! Check out the full details at Ain't It Cool thanks to!

That's all for now. Gotta get organized for Death's End Episode 2...~Brian

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