Movie PictureSea Biscuit & Hildago: What is it with dueling projects about similar themes? First it was the volcano movies... Then we got asteroid flicks. Soon, we'll have Alexander biopics as well as several projects about the strange life and times of Howard Hughes. And now it appears the demand is high for horse racing films.

Sea Biscuit is set to star Tobey Maguire and will reunite him with Gary Ross, the director of Pleasantville. The film will also star one of our most loved and underrated actors: Jeff Bridges. The film is a period piece which tells the story of a horse with the title name which to this day still holds records. The film will be shooting in six states and starts this month.

Shortly after, we'll be getting Hildago. The film will star Viggo Mortenson (who finally and deservedly) is getting top billing. Don't remember him before Lord of the Rings? Try his five minute kick-ass portrayal of a paraplegic informant in Carlito's Way, or his slow-burn portrayal of a conflicted military man in Tony Scott's Crimson Tide. Want more? Check out Viggo in his sexy scenes with Gwyneth Paltrow in A Perfect Murder.Hildago starts shooting next month in Morocco.

Cat in the Hat: Production has yet to begin on the Imagine Entertainment production, and we're hearing more and more reports regarding the unpleasant behavior of star Mike Myers. Remember when we broke the news that Oscar winning make-up designer Rick Baker had quit over Myers demands? Well, expect lot's more news from this set. Our scoopers are staying close and LOE will have all the goods for you whenever it comes in. Curious as to why Myers is being so testy? Simple...

This film is his "owed" film to Universal and Imagine after backing out of the feature version of Dieter. In short, that means that he probably didn't want to be the cool Cat at all.

Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines: Word has come in that Arnie and crew are wrapping up the shoot, and ending on a high-note. Last on the call sheet? The scene where a naked Kristanna Lokken arrives in a ball of light in... where else? Beverly Hills.

Charlie's Angels 2: Tipsters recently sent in this bit -

"Drew Barrymore and her hottie co-stars were recently shooting some scenes at The Playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills. The set was locked down tight, but we did see the girls when they were chaffered to their trailers in the Robinson's Mall parking lot. John Cleese was around too - "

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S I G H T I N G S ! !

Who: Christian Slater.

When: 8pm on a Friday night.

Where: Westwood Movie Theater

What: Slater and friends were in line to buy tickets to see One Hour Photo, while being serenaded by a homeless man looking for cash. They were very nice to the guy.

Thanks: SaraGurl

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