John Cena is officially confirmed for the Duke Nukem movie and now some fan art gives us a glimpse at what Cena could look like as the titular character. The character is one of the biggest video game heroes of the 1990s and has become a significant piece of pop culture over the years. Most recently, Duke Nukem appears in a brief segment in Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One during a battle scene, which is one of the Easter Eggs from the recently released movie that fans were excited about.

The Duke Nukem movie has been in development for a long time now. Even with John Cena attached, there's still no script and the actor can bow out of the project at any time if he doesn't like any of the story. Additionally, the video game franchise has taken a bit of a nosedive as of late, so it will be interesting to see how the movie revitalizes the character in a unique way. However, that still didn't stop the excitement from spreading across the web, even inspiring some awesome fan art by Boss Logic, who has done a mockup of Cena as Duke Nukem.

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John Cena already has the physique to play the video game charater, but Boss Logic turned him into a black and white bad ass with a flattop haircut with some sunglasses. The picture looks slightly like Dolph Lundgren from his 80s heyday. As far as the Duke Nukem character, a cigar would've gone a long way in separating him from just looking like another buff marine. Though the art shows a unique version of the character, which is something that the production will more than likely go after.

The announcement of John Cena being attached to the Duke Nukem movie is exciting, many are skeptical about how well the video game movie will perform at the box office. The recently released Tomb Raider reboot did well, but not as well as the studio hoped. So, even though Duke Nukem is a pop culture favorite, will moviegoers be able to sit through a feature-length movie about the bonehead video game hero? Hopefully the production goes in with some self-awareness, because a little could go a long way in making the character likeable on the big screen.

As previously noted, the Duke Nukem movie has been in development for years, so fans are cautiously optimistic about the movie coming out in the near future. John Cena's name adds a lot of credibility to the project, which may make things run a little quicker than the snail's pace that it's been running. A script is up next, along with more casting news and a production start date, so expect more news soon, as long as everything keeps running smoothly. You can check out the awesome fan art of John Cena in Duke Nukem below, provided by BossLogic's Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick